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Sisonke rural municipality, and is one of the 11 district municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal. It sits at the edge of the province, bordering the Eastern Cape Province in the west and including the southernmost part of the Ukhalamba Drakensburg Park.

The District is richly endowed with natural resources, and has some of the best soils in the prov- ince, abundant water, and good rainfall which make it feasible for crops to thrive throughout the year. As such, Sisonke has a strong agricultural sector, whose strengths lie in dairy, cash crops, beef farming, and forestry.

The beautiful landscape also allows for a great opportunity in tourism, and the district engages in avi, rail, cultural, and general ecotourism.

While the district’s greatest need is rural development, taking advantage of its greatest asset- its natural resources – the district utilises its key competitive advantages, and has huge poten- tial in terms of growth, and rural development.

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Sisonke Development Agency (the SDA) was created to assist the Sisonke District Municipality in promoting the district’s local economic development.

It has a strategic mandate to promote economic development and create jobs in the Sisonke District.

The agency takes a pro-growth approach to promoting rural development focusing on 5 key areas, namely: Sectorial/Industrial Development; BRE (Business attraction, Retention, and Extraction); Trade and Investment; and Transformation (pro- poor).

The SDA embarks on such an exercise to ensure it can survive in the ever changing environment, while promoting the rural development of the district.