Harry Gwala Development Agency

Harry Gwala Development Agency (HGDA) has a strategic mandate to help promote eco- nomic development and create jobs in the Sisonke District.This enjoins HGDA to play a leadership role in the efforts aimed at creating work and real economic growth and thus imperative that the entity embarks on such an exercise to ensure it can survive in the ever changing environment.


A catalytic agent designed to identify and unlock, the full trade and investment
potential of the Sisonke District Municipality with the ultimate objective of facilitating the
growth and development of the District Municipality’s economy, and generate substantive jobs, alleviate poverty, and create a prosperous, harmonious community.


  • Investment facilitation

  • Trade Promotion

  • Small business Support

  • Facilitation of Joint Ventures, Mergers, and Acquisitions

  • BBBEE promotion

  • Land Reform Support

  • Private Sector Development

  • Facilitation of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s)

  • Town Planning for Investment Support

  • Local Economic Development

  • Cooperatives Development and Support

  • Provision of industrial Infrastructure

  • Skills Development and Training


To deliver, with integrity, proactivity and responsiveness, a platform for the shared
growth and development of Sisonke

We are looking into partnerships in the production of powdered milk and other downstream beneficiation. Our Share-Milk Scheme allows communities/cooperatives to trade in their cows for dairy cows so they can supply milk to dairy industries.

We strongly promote beef farming, and more recently, we are looking into animal feed, for profitable livestock farming. Lack of abattoirs is still a big problem.

Sisonke District is richly endowed with favourable climate, and some of the best soils in the province. We are involved in large scale cash crop production for commercialization, and utilization of
hydroponic technology. We are also looking into biofuel and other value-added opportunities.

This sector is very prevalent in Sisonke District. However, there are some constraints that prevent industry spill-overs into rural development

Ecotourism is one of conservation’s major economic engines. We use already existing natural resources to promote the economy through job creation, conservation, and economic growth, while maintaining the strong cultural roots of the district. Tourism is mainly avi-tourism, rail tourism, cultural tourism, mission tourism, and general ecotourism.